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Different is in our nature.

Using one of nature’s lawnmowers means our wines are better for the environment and taste better too. Find out more about our woolly workers and our vineyards below.


Small but mighty, our Babydoll sheep are wonderful groundskeepers.

Our name comes from the Babydoll sheep that run loose in our vineyard. Too small to reach the grapes they do their best to keep things neat and tidy between the rows, while getting up to a bit of mischief of course.


Babydoll wines come from New Zealand’s leading grape growing regions.

Our beautifully crafted Babydoll wines come from some of New Zealand’s most celebrated wine regions; Marlborough and Hawke's Bay.

With sustainability at the heart of everything we do the wineries and vineyards are focused on low impact practices to ensure we are making as little impact on the land as possible. Each one of our wines are created to reflect the regional varietal characters from where the grapes are grown, harvested and made into the Babydoll wines that we love.

Sustainable Winegrowing NZ ™

Sustainable Winegrowing NZ ™ is a widely recognised as a world-leading sustainability programme providing a 'best practice' model of environmental practices in the vineyard and winery.

Babydolls vineyards are Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand certified, ensuring our commitment to meet international standards for sustainability practices.

Vegan Friendly

Although wine is made from grapes, that doesn’t always mean it is vegan or even vegetarian, with some wines being fined with milk, egg and even fish. Babydoll is proud to produce 100% vegan friendly wines. Powered by plants, just like our Babydoll sheep.

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Sparkling Blush

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Sauvignon Blanc

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Pinot Noir Marlborough

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Pinot Gris

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